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Templar commandery
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Northern elevation of the chapel

Rurka - commandery, the center of the order's goods was given to templars in year 1234 by Branim I. The relic of the original funding is a granite chapel built in years 1234 - 1250 on the southern side of the settlement. It is a rectangular building with a separated, rectangular presbitery on the east side. The windows are closed semicircles with frames narrowing to center. On the northern side a sharp-archly closed portal is located and in the western top there is a round window slot.


In respect of topographic location, the Rurka commandery is simillar to the one in Chwarszczany. On flat, ellipse hill , 50 x 70 meters large, surrounded by a swampy ground. The only difference is visible in the chapel location. In Rurka, it is situated on the south - east side, whereas in Chwarszczany it is located on the north - west side. Nearby ran tract from Chojna to Banie.

Chapels dimensions:
nave - 16,5 x 9 m
presbitery - 8,5 x 6,75 m
wall thicknes - 1,15 m
height little lower than originaly


Rurka calendary

1234 - a grand(?) of Banie Land for templars from Branim I.
1244 - the commandery in Rurka is mentioned for the first time.
1248 - bishop Wilhelm of Kamień visits Rurka, maybe in connection with the chapel consecration(?)
1279 - the templar curia in Rurka is mentioned.
1282 - the Brandenburgian margraves Otton IV and Konrad I pass rights to the patronage over the church in Chojna to the templars.
1284 - Bogusław IV, who used to fight the templars , have to promise that he will not do any harm to the ones in Rurka
After the orders cassation in 1312, Rurka, was taken over by the johanniters without any complications before 1329.
1373 - the peasants from Barnków atacked Rurka and stole horses, cattle and sheeps
1377 - the johanniter's commandery, is mentioned for the last time in a privillige "hof to den Roreke". After this date it was moved to Swobnica. In year 1487 a large secular farm was located up to 1490. Until church was build in late gothic style the chapell had been used. Then it was transformed into distillery.
After year 1945 the chapel was more and more devastated.



1261 - 1263 - Fridericusp
1285 - 1291 - Bernhard von Ebersteinp
1296 - 1303 - Jordanus von Esbeke / preceptor /p
1305 - Dietrich von Lorenenp


Photos of Maciej Salanski
Rurka 1998

Other templars from Rurka:
Beginning of XIV century - Bertram Greifenberg
1285 - Bernardus - monk
Beginning of XIV century - Jaromar von Eickstedt
1285 - Hermannus - chaplain - Jan Wartemberg

text: Blazej Skaziński

translation: Mateusz Drachal




Rurka 1997
(photo: Maciej Szymanowicz)

Rurka 1997
(photo: Maciej Szymanowicz)

Rurka 2001
(photo: Marcin Przedborski)

Rurka 2001
(photo: Marcin Przedborski)

Rurka 2001
(photo: Marcin Przedborski)


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